Helena C2

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Two-channel, micro-volume

The Helena Biosciences C-2 coagulation analyser offers a complete, simple and cost effective haemostasis solution. Delivering two photo-optical measuring channels with incubated sample and stirred reagent positions, the Helena Biosciences C-2 provides both routine clotting and specialised chromogenic and immunoturbidimetric testing of patient plasma samples.

Helena Biosciences’ optimised technology ensures the minimum requirement for patient sample and reagents, dramatically reducing the cost per test. Stir-bar and ball-free reaction vessels are supplied as double micro-cuvettes for fast and effective duplicate sample handling.

Housed in a compact and modern casing, our instrument is very simple to use and fully supported by an optional, intuitive and user-friendly database management system. The Helena Biosciences C-2, combined with superior quality Helena-manufactured haemostasis reagents, reliably generates swift results with unrivalled accuracy and precision.

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