CareStart™ G6PD Biosensor

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  • Test Type                          Quantitative point-of-care test
  • Measurement                  Precise measurement of total G6PD activity
  • Specimen                         Whole blood
  • Specimen Volume          5 ㎕
  • Result Time                     4 minutes


  • Internal sensor for temperature calibration
  • Internal memory storage up to 1,000 test results
  • Automatic blood loading
  • G6PD deficiency is a genetic disorder, resulting in no or low G6PD activity. People with G6PD deficiency should not take primaquine, an antimalarial drug, and other drugs with high oxidative stress because it could cause serious side effects such as acute hemolysis. Now, more countries are implementing G6PD screening as a part of their newborn screening program.

Features & Benefits

  • World’s First G6PD Quantitative Test Giving the Result in 4 Minutes.
  • CareStart™ G6PD Biosensor gives quantitative measurement of total G6PD enzyme activity in just 4 minutes, which is suitable for neonatal and adult screening purposes.


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